Hello there. I am a standup comedian, writer, actor and general creator based in NYC.

     I studied acting at both Marymount Manhattan College as well as Cornish College of the Arts for a BFA in Acting. In my 

     Since my inception in standup, I've played every gig you could imagine: from the comedy clubs of NYC to a child's fort built on astroturf in a Puppet Clothing Supply Store on a back road in Washington State.

     I've been featured in the Huffington Post, Funny or Die, Vh1's Big Morning Buzz, & Seattle's King 5 Evening Magazine. I was a co-founder and co-host of the "Whoremones Podcast," which consistently ranked in the top 10 in the sexuality category of iTunes during my tenure.


"a very clever comedian with a sophisticated & charming set... packed with substance & you didn't want it to end."


"cute & twisted"

     - Volcano Weekly, Tacoma WA

" & well crafted."


"one of the freshest & fiercest comedians"

     - The Stranger, Seattle WA



Recurring Panelist: Amigo Gringo (YouTube Brasil)

Chips, Unbreakable Comedy

The Presidential Bachelorette, And Then Some Productions

Fireball for Daily Use, Unbreakable Comedy

"The Fear of Therapy," Notion Films

White Male Priveledge," Temple Horses Productions

vh1 Big Morning Buzz Live, as Self

Stalked (ID Network), Episode 404, "Dinah"

"Wanna Have Sex?" Corey Made This Productions

"I Have to Ask" with Marlo Thomas, Huffington Post

ABC News. Interview on breathalizers, as Self

Seattle's KING 5 Evening Magazine, as Comedian

Comcast Comedy on Demand, as Comedian



J.D. "Unmanageable" (webseries) Changing Frames Prod.

Girlexula "Steel Of Fire Warriors, 2010 A.D." (feature) ClarketheVogt Prod.



She-Devil Festival, NYC, 2017

Milwaukee Comedy Festival, Milwaukee 2015

Cape Fear Comedy Festival, Wilmington NC 2012

Bridgetown Comedy Festival, Portland OR 2012

HempFest, Seattle WA 2009

Week of Fun, Seattle WA 2008

Seattle International Comedy Competition WA 2007



Bag of Meat Commercial, "KillingTimesVille" Pilot Presentation

Wives 1 & 2 "Good Cop Sad Cop" Notion Films

Predator "Alien Fcks Predator" Paste Dogg Productions

Women "Real Sex?" Paste Dogg Productions

Karaoke women "Sing City" Paste Dogg Productions




Broccoli & Ice Cream with Myq Kaplan, recurring guest

Unlimited Lives Podcast, recurring guest

Kegstand Podcast, recurring guest host

Whormones Podcast, co-founder/co-host

Hang out with Me with Myq Kaplan, recurring guest

Keith And The Girl, recurring guest


UCB Improv, NYC

Joanna Beckson, Meisner Technique, NYC

UCB Sketch Writing, NYC

Commercial Acting, Brooke & Mary @ House Casting, NYC

Intermediate Improv, Jet City Improv, Seattle, WA

BFA in Acting @ Marymount Manhattan College, NYC

BFA in Acting @ Cornish College of the Arts, Seattle, WA