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January 17, 2019

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Giving you Something.

June 7, 2017

Since I left my last big project, I've received both emails and messages from former listeners/friends/fans wanting to know what my next big project is. Teenage me just called today's me a douche for referencing fans. It's such a weird word that implies being worthy of obsession. God, may I never be that cool.


But to answer:


Yo, Jax! When's the next proj?


Stop acting so cool by calling it a "proj."

I'm not too busy for second syllables. I

got this, BRO!


Unfortunately for us lower-rung entertainment industry folk, only 1/20 projects we work on ever make it to the public eye. And that leaves me unintentionally giving people that appreciate my work an artistic cold shoulder. Radio silence. I am such a jerk-butt. 


This is the fun moment where a German Nihilist shows up out of nowhere and posits: 



Maybe ze art is zat zere is silence and

no art? 


I disagree. I'd prefer that my lack of weekly

"voice" on iTunes doesn't cause people to </