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Screw Big Pharma - I've got books

January 17, 2019

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men who "want to understand."

November 21, 2017

I haven't followed through on my promise this month to post daily. It's mostly because my life is overrun with men who don't even try to understand sexual harassment. These are men that instead of reading and attempting to empathize, they look at me with big doe eyes that seem to say "explain it to me, or I'll keep saying ignorant shit on your facebook feed."




You want to understand? Here you go.... a little taste of how women are trained to avoid their peers. 




Back story

I noticed early that most of my "peers" would only talk to me for about 5 minutes after whatever show we were on together. The conversation would be far from business, and would be steered toward whether or not we should go back to his place. When I put up a signal of "no," he would walk away and either go talk to another one of his peers (a man) or he would try and catch a lingering female member of the audience.