"Jaqi tells stories that need to be told... in a way that helps people."

     - AC Roe, Executive Producer, Coattail Media

"One of the most gifted, resilient, and committed artists I’ve met in my life."

     - Mishka Shubaly, best selling author, songwriter & storyteller

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Short Stories & Screenplays
Production Designer
Production Design, Art Direction, Set Design for short films.
Standup Comedian
Finds levity in dark and personal experiences. Also dumb wordplay. My work has been referred to as "dark and clever."
Story Producer
Helping to build interesting emotional lives of characters in both unscripted and scripted projects.
Comedic and dramatic actor.

(photo by Rose Fitzmaurice)
Multiple appearances on Keith and the Girl, Hangout with Me with Myq Kaplan, Whoremone Podcast & more
Bitter Maker
Creator of the "Bitters Mistress," a unique small batch bitters hand crafted for mixologists in NYC and Seattle metro areas.

(photo by AC Roe)
Visual Artist
Digital Art & Photography

(photos by me)
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There are so many places you could have gone on the internet but you chose to come here! That's rad.

My creative life has and will always boil down to one intention: "to facilitate joy in others." Whether it be through a insight, inspiration, empathy or levity... my creations are intended to make you think, feel, laugh, and grow. I spent most of my 20s and 30s as a standup comedian, but I no longer limit my expression to just jokes. Not everyone wants to laugh all the time.


Someone told me once "I don't really like... comedy." His comment made me realize that every art form is a language, and not everyone speaks "comedy." So, I have expanded the number of languages I know. I tell jokes. I write short stories for kindle. I act in short films/sketches. I create digital art. I do production and art design for short films. I also make personalized small-batch cocktail bitters for mixologists in New York City.


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