Hi! I'm Jaqi Furback. I believe that well told stories can effect change in the world. The stories I tell are intended to empower, incite empathy, and/or inspire laughter. Some people refer to what I do as "art." I see it as my way to serve.



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Short Stories & Screenplays
Production Designer
Production Design, Art Direction, Set Design for short films.
Standup Comedian
Finds levity in dark and personal experiences. Also dumb wordplay. My work has been referred to as "dark and clever."
Story Producer
Helping to build interesting emotional lives of characters in both unscripted and scripted projects.
Comedic and dramatic actor.

(photo by Rose Fitzmaurice)
Multiple appearances on Keith and the Girl, Hangout with Me with Myq Kaplan, Whoremone Podcast & more
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"Jaqi tells stories that need to be told... in a way that helps people."

     - AC Roe, Executive Producer, Coattail Media

"One of the most gifted, resilient, and committed artists I’ve met in my life."

     - Mishka Shubaly, best selling author, songwriter & storyteller


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