First, thanks for swinging by my website. You clearly have many other websites to choose from on the internet, so I'm grateful you chose mine. I am excited to share my work with you. 

My creative life has and will always boil down to one intention: "to facilitate joy in others." Whether it be through distraction, thoughtful insight, or levity... my creations are intended to make you think, feel, laugh, and grow. While I spent most of my 20s as a standup comedian, I no longer limit my expression to a joke format. Not everyone wants to laugh. Every medium is a language, and for me to reach people, I must know their language. So, I adapt, based on my audience. I tell jokes. I write short stories for kindle, I act in short films/sketches. I create digital art. I also make personalized small-batch cocktail bitters for mixologists in New York City... because sometimes joy can be found in creating a unique flavor profile that inspires the mind of another artist.

Below is a representation of some of my work.



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