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Goal Shift


You mean --- EVERY GOOD MOVIE I LOVE WAS A BOOK FIRST???? I took a walk through a book store last week, and discovered just how many movies/shows in the last 30 years have originated with NOVEL or COMIC BOOK AUTHORS and not screenplay writers. EVEN "ARRIVAL." Is that all screenwriting is? Rewriting? I feel like child who just had her new toy broken.

I'll get through it. If all else fails, I'll write an original movie about a terrifying clown who murders children. 100% ORIGINAL.


I am very excited to see how actors interpret my work, so I edited my favorite 6 scenes and made them a little more beginning/middle/end focused. After tonight, I have to reevaluate how often I post new stories here, as I have 2 strong film ideas that I need to focus on expanding into features. I also will be working on producing my three favorite scripts from reading tonight.


Right now I'm super in to the YouTube Channel "Lessons from the Screenplay." Dude breaks some gorgeous movies down in very technical ways.

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