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When one does as much drinking as I did in my 20s, there's a lot of things you forget. Things like names. And events. And pride.

This week I had a fun little trivia tidbit rise to the top of my brain-cream.

I once dated brothers. Twin brothers. One at a time, of course. I wasn't dating the Shining twins.

I don't remember how it happened, but I *hope* it was on purpose. I hope it wasn't just like "I got drunk and confused and went home with the wrong one." (They lived together, so that's not as improbable as you'd think.)

But that's not the most embarrassing thing about the whole situation. THERE'S MORE.


I dated twins..... who collectively had one tattoo of a forest on their back.

They were like a human Ed Hardy shirt (split in two).

But talk about a genius way to use mystery to get a girl to date your brother. Sometimes as a lady drifts off to sleep she catches herself dreaming "what does the rest of the forest look like?" "are there any differences between the two?" "Who has the bigger treee?"

I don't remember how I fell out of love with these men, but I think it was as simple as "I stopped going to karaoke."

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