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Warren Buffet's Success Theory

Ready for a bedtime story?

The legend goes....


Once upon a time (I can say that cuz Buffet is SUUUUUUPER old)....

Once upon a time, Warren Buffet noticed that he'd had the same pilot for 8 years. After a flight one day, he pulled the man aside and made a confession.

He said: "The fact that you've been working for me so long means that I haven't been doing my job."

Buffet asked the man to sit down with him, and this is the advice he gave:

1. Write a list of 25 things.

2. Label them in importance 1-25.

3. Cross off numbers 6-25.

Numbers 1-5 are the things that you work on, until they are done.

Number 6-25 are things you need to avoid at all costs.

Only when you finish one of the first five are you allowed to work on anything else.


In the past 8 months, I've been listening to a lot of CEOs talk. The internet offers the most magical resources. All of these successful business people say "you only have to be really good at a few things for you to be successful." And most of them follow that statement up with "being good everything is the number one way to fail."

All of them attribute specialized knowledge to their accrued wealth. So I have applied that to my life, and I'm going to see how far it all goes.

That being said, I am posting the following here, for the sake of transparency and accountability.



(I will get these done before you see anything else from me)

1. Make a short film that shows that sometimes women have reasons to be a "bitch"

2. Publish a fairy tale where a 'princess' is actually proactive in her life, and she's not just some teenager waiting for a man to save her

3. Start a comedy show that offers more love than hate/defiance

4. Find ways to share the knowledge I've gained due to my obsession with branding/storytelling/comedy

5. Be a better teammate (to everyone)



If you want to do it: email me your list! I will email you in six months, and we can see how we both did. :-)

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