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This story lives in a land of castles...

and capitalism...

... sometime in the not too distant future.

The royalty in this story are not tied to historic blood, they are the daughters and sons of industrious grandparents who used innovation and timing to build a protective financial barrier around their family, 10 generations thick. These new versions of royalty live in fancy castles with running water and swimming pools and patios with in ground lighting.


It's late. A group of unchaperoned teenage Princes and Princesses with esteemed last names drink their parents liquor and dance at the edge of an in-ground swimming pool. A few splash around in the pool, floating on swans. I mean, swan rafts.

This modern day king's court overlooks a valley. That valley harbors an over-populated and impoverished city. It seems so removed from this castle, it almost looks like a painting. One of the young princes stands alone while several young couples flirt and canoodle in the grass nearby.

He stares at the valley, lost in thought.


His concerned thoughts fall from his mind as fast as he hits the water. He surfaces, gasping for air, as the others around him laugh.

"You should have seen your face!" His friend laughs from poolside --- obviously the culprit responsible for his unexpected fall. "Cannonballllllllll!" his friend screams as he jumps in, after.


An average home, located in the valley overlooked by the castle. We can see in the distance, through a bedroom window.

A sparkly-eyed young girl reads a book in bed.

All young girls are gorgeous in their own ways, and this one is no exception. The light from a streetlamp just outside her window bounces off the pages of her book, and radiates onto her gentle face.

Someone knocks on the room of the door, and she dog ears her page before closing the book. She tucks it between the mattress and box spring. We catch a glimpse of the title: "Rich Dad, Poor Dad."

She responds to the knock. "I'm awake."

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