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Being "Dumped" doesn't have to feel Bad.

I got dumped on Tuesday by my first real boyfriend in 5 years. It took 3 months.

Before I say anything else, please let me be clear:

the guy who dumped me is a wonderful man and a person who knows how to treat a woman. He's not an asshole, he is a valuable person and I care for him deeply.

But of course I posted a few jokes about it on social media. People came to my defense, and started shitting on him. Please don't. He's a good man.

I'm okay about being dumped. Like REALLY OKAY.

Like so okay that I'M GREAT.

I know it's a confusing perspective to process, but it's possible.

Sometimes being dumped is just someone else pulling the trigger when you're both staring down the barrel of the same gun.

Sometimes, you don't want to be in a relationship, but then someone comes along and treats you really nice and you reciprocate it to the best of your ability because there's that stupid saying "it comes when you least expect it" but you're super passionate about your work right now and being in a relationship isn't a priority for you and they feel that every day you don't text "good morning" first.

Sometimes different people have different perceptions of what a healthy relationship is.

Our perceptions of what a relationship is didn't align, and he deserves someone who shares his views.

I think there's a misconception that our society has developed that says being "alone" is a bad thing. Well it's not. In my experience:

Being alone is much better than being with a person that is wrong for you.

I am a good person and am surrounded by love. I'm super happy without a "relationship." I'm not anti-relationship. I'm anti-"square peg round hole" relationships. So if you have a square penis: I'M NOT FOR YOU.

And now, here's a lovely song from Vic Chesnutt called "You are Never Alone"

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